Welcome to the home of Middlesbrough Paranormal, please note we have moved to YORK now, but still carry out investigations at any location if requested.

Our aim is to try and prove the existence of life after death in the form of spirit energy,and to record and document ALL activity that can not be explained by other means, i.e. wind, structures affected by temperatures expanding/contracting, outside electrical sources etc etc.

Having visited many locations over the years, we have collected so much evidence that has been debunked and is classed as paranormal activty.

Full body apparitions have been witnessed by myself at the old RAF THOLTHORPE airbase on many occasions,footsteps,unusual knocks and taps etc well away from anything that could make those noises.

EVP sessions, i believe is now the way forward as modern technology within digital voice recorders has improved to a huge extent with ultra sensitive microphones (stereo included),bigger memories and pc connections to analize recordings used with software such as wavepad sound editor.

Capturing genuine footage of spirit is quite rare, unless in the right place at the right time,many hours of sitting,calling out for spirit, freezing temperatures,etc seem alot of bother for nothing to happen, but spirits are not performing monkeys and some times a repeat visit(s) would certainly benefit and also increase your chances of capturing evidence.

My evidence has been viewed by GHOST ADVENTURES CREW and have accepted me as part of their "team" if they came to uk and i was the closest to their location of which i am very proud and also proud to display their official badge shown below.

Thank you for looking at our site, and keep checking back as more locations/evidence will be added.




We are listed at the www.topparanormalsites.com website. Click here to vote for us.. Thank you :-)
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