On 19th November 2011 , me and dawn are off to jamaica inn for 2 nights, then the old church house hotel, then station inn,dudly.Hoping to get plenty of activity, and some amazing footage. We will be away for 1 week and on last day (night) shall be stopping at my work place to investigate again.Its at Tholthorpe,York. Full reports will be added when we get home.

Berwick upon tweed shop.

a few days before christmas 2016 we visited a charity shop in Berwick upon tweed after reading a newspaper article about ghostly activity.

I contacted Debbie ,the shops manager and was delighted i got in touch.
We walked round the shop and upstairs in store rooms.
After doing a good sweep with my MEL METER ,readings were zero, but after calling out, the EMF and temp readings started fluctuating.
Not a lot of activity happened this time,but there is a definate strange feel to it.
An open invite for us to return anytime we need was given by Debbie and next visit we will set up night vision cameras and also try out our new gadget........ sls camera and static detectors.



Queensway underground station, London, has not been investigated by us (YET ! ).

A friend of mine is a coach driver that popped into the underground to use toilets.While down there he felt uneasy , as if being followed so he took a photo with his camera phone.

The photo clearly shows a slightly blurred/hazy shape of a figure just in front of camera.

Reasearching activity at Queensway shows it IS haunted by a man waiting for a train. Several suicides have also taken place there...  Maybe, its a suicide victim ...who knows ?

Photo on left is origonal copy, photo on right is enhanced with blue tint to make clearer.

CREDIT TO CRAIG COOPER FOR THIS PHOTO - THANK YOU,1454835 10152933140273877 3220967398879792700 nUnderground spirit queensway edit


April 11 2015 we headed off to 30 East Drive in pontefract for an investigation with SPIRIT FINDERS UK.

we arrived about 7.30pm and was met by Lee and Ryan who showed us around the house.This is a private house that apparently had severe poltageist activity and haunted by the "black monk".

On entering the house , it immedietly felt homely and welcoming.... until we went to top of stairs then the atmosphere changed to very oppressive and breathing became difficult. Not a nice area.

All of us did a seance in the living room then had a silent spell for around 20 mins to listen for any unusual noises.

Nothing was heard all night.

I spent the night with digital voice recorder doing EVP but after 12hrs, nothing was captured which was very unfortunate.The team had cctv cameras in 4 rooms, and Lee was monitoring the cameras. Several orbs (not dust) were seen in 1 bedroom, which i spent an hour in towards the end of the investigation to do EVP.

However, after being awake for nearly 24hrs i was tired and didnt realise  i nodded off !!!... NEVER FALL ASLEEP ON INVESTIGATIONS when team members like a prank !.        Prank video is in the video gallery page.

Imag0055Despite being very quiet all night, it was still an enjoyable investigation and worth a second visit.


A long awaited visit to Spofforth castle,near Wetherby , proved VERY intresting indeed.

I visited the castle on my own to check it out for access and was very pleased that it was fairly open access.On entering the castle, the gateway entrance seemed gloomy, but not to the extent of it being haunted.

As i walked into the first room, taking photos and with K2 in hand, everything seemed fine and quite pleasant !

In the corner of the first room is a tall tower with a domed roof and i was drawn to that tower for ages but dont know why.

The second room is very similar to the first room except it looks like an arched doorway had been bricked up at the same time as building the castle (i.e. not modern brick work), and as i stood looking at it, i thought   " wonder if any bodies behind there ". Silly thought, but a possibility  !!

The temperature there was about 10c with zero wind or draughts. I squatted down against a wall (the bricked up arched wall) and was sat totally motionless staring at the opposite wall , with my digital voice recorder running while asking out for spirits.

Suddenly , there was a lovely "sky blue" streak flash down the wall i was staring at....and stopped a couple of feet off the floor then vanished.

Thinking how strange, i could not debunk it.

Still asking questions at spirits, i didnt hear anything at all but when i asked if any " bodies bricked up " (just for a childish giggle ), my right ear whent warm.

Several hours had passed with very little in the way of activity happening so i decided to pack up and head home.

The next day i played back the recordings on my computer and  when i got to the point i asked for "bricked up bodies" , i was very shocked to hear a womans voice,very clear, whisper "behind you". I was very shocked to say the least, to say i was leaning against the bricked up wall,thinking of bodies bricked up and my ear getting warm as soon as i asked the question.

More visits are in the pipeline, and hopefully some more evidence to share.


June 30th 2013 we wnt to Chillingham castle, just for a quiet weekend away, not intending to do any investigating, however, the temptation was too great so i took a few bit of equipment.

2x digi voice recorders for EVP work , camera and K2 meter...just incase !

On arrival at Chillingham,we were greeted by the housekeeper,who then showed us to our appartment within the castle itself.

The time by now has just turned 5pm and the castle was now closed to visitors, but residents could still wander round and had nearly full access to the castle and grounds.

We had also booked a "ghost tour" which started at 9pm.

Before leaving bed room, i left a voice recorder running to capture EVP (hopefully).

The grounds of Chillingham castle are very atmospheric, and the "haunted" woods are VERY creepy indeed.

Apparently St.Peters church nearby is reputed to be haunted aswell, so we had a good look around it, and the gravestones.

Time for another cuppa in the tea rooms before we did the tour.!

whilst having my coffee, i witnessed with my eyes a lovely gold orb flutter infront of me, then glided towards my arm and dissapeared into my arm - i actually felt it enter my arm.

.......the tour,

Jim was our tour guide and he took us around the entire castle (apart from living quarters) and told us of the ghostly sightings etc that had been witnessed over the years and was a very good tour that lasted about 2 hours.Tour finnished at 11pm with a visit to the haunted woods and the 3 hanging trees.

Been along day and very warm aswell, so we headed off to our room for a chill then bed.

A small cupboard above the bathroom door was witnessed several times to open on its own, but soon de-bunked it as a draft coming from bedrooom.

188 photos taken and only a couple of obs, but nothing paranormal except 1 that had a white blurred smudge in middle of photo even though rest of photo was in total focus. - strange and have no explanation!

Next morning we packed up and headed home....via Holy Island,bambrough and seahouses for fish 'n' chips.

Reviewing EVP's on computer, i captured some odd and loud bangs etc, one sounded like something hitting toilet bowl, a couple of "footsteps" and some very faint talking.The video clip of EVP's captured here are in the video section of this site.

A re-visit will certainly be on the cards soon.Highly recommended place to visit wether into paranormal or not.






















kjNovember 16th saw us going to Haggerston Castle to investigate for paranormal activity.

Our team consisted of Me , Dawn, Andy , Jo , Jay , Chris Huff, chris and Mark from London  and paul.

On arrival at 7pm, we met with Rae Huntley,the "man in charge", and he showed us the "hot spots" for activity.

The rotunda , the stables area/courtyard , gardens/summerhouse area, amusement arcade area and the lakeside area.

We invited about 80 caravan owners to join us, but that figure rose to about 130 which we thought was too many, but after splitting our team and guests into 4 groups, we managed...was a struggle, but we managed and things went ok !.

I was with Chris Huff and started in the gardens and summerhouse. Chris had good responses on his EMF metre, but i got nothing at all.

We swapped areas, and at one point i started picking up on a few things in the garden, and Chris did aswell.

The ghost of a small child is said to rome this area,along with the amusement area.Keeping in contact with our walkie talkies so we all knew what we were doing, we had a break then all groups swapped over.

Amusement area was very intresting, as several people felt cold spots in area that were reputed to be haunted.No explanation could be found as there wasnt any draughts,windows etc to cause cold spots.

The rotunda didnt bring any activity that night...except 130 people rushing forthe kettle !

just above the Rotunda, is a room where internet and pool tables are accessible.In one spot in that room, next to a stone pillar, is a vortex and if stood still in it, really can feel self swaying to a point of falling over - but unable to fall over, as if a force is preventing you from doing so.A very VERY strange sensation, and unexplainable.

Down by the lakeside, Chris and Mark picked up on a girl and a woman in the lake itself, as if stood on end of a pier. Reports and plans actually show the lake DID have a long pier , so maybe this lady was stood on it ?

Stable area proved VERY active indeed,with lots of K2 activity, odd noises and smells appearing then dissapearing.Two of my group were touched in a horse cubicle. I can vouch that nobody was near them and were well away from walls etc.I was watching them so i know they didnt touch each other.

Shortly after that one woman felt her hair being touched, so i stood next to her with my ULTRA-VIOLET torch shining on her hair, and i could clearly see it moving back and forth.I also felt ice cold blast on my neck aswell.

After alot of debating with security over health and safety, we got down into the cellar area.Equipped with NIGHT VISION GOGGLES, i stood in corner of cellar and just observed other people.I was watching a woman in doorway and saw an orb pass from wall to wall,Then soon after an orb came from top of doorway ,swirled round and passed through the woman. She felt it and leapt out of the way.

Unfortunatly we didnt have time to set up our cctv in the LIVE LOUNGE due to it being occupied 'till after 11pm,However alot of photos were taken but nothing was captured.

We performed a seance on the stage in the area where a piano is alleged to have been pushed off by an invisible force and injure a child a few years ago.

The stage had a horrible "feel" to it, and seemed to have alot of energy there.

Some people were calling out and with a toy ball, were asking a child to play with it. The ball moved twice, but cannot prove it was paranormal, but i suspect it was.

Also, a couple of guests were having trouble with their mobile phones switching back on by them selves...several times, and camera batteries draing of power even though fully charged.



We all decided to call it a night at 3am as quite alot of guests had drifted off to their caravans etc due to lack of activity in most areas.But like i allways tell people on hunts, GHOSTS DO NOT COME OUT ON DEMAND  and are not performing monkeys. Being in the right place at the right time plays a BIg part in any ghost hunt.

Despite there being too many guests, and a few drunken guests, it started off a bit bad, but became right shortly after and ended up being a good night.

Overall verdict of HAGGERSTON CASTLE : Yes it is haunted, and most areas are active, and a very intresting place to visit at night !!



These phots were taken at Haggeston. !st photo is andy in the summerhouse with a group. 2nd photo is one a guest took of a derelict building near the gardens. Closer inspection seems to show a figure?.  3rd phot is cropped and enhanced version of the "figure".



























Saturday 11th August we visited Tholthorpe again, this time we had Christopher Huff with us. He is a paranormal investigator,archeologist and author !

After a walk round the site and showed him the areas of activity, we then set up our cameras and voice recorders in paint shop 1, then drove down to the mortuary and air raid shelter.

Due to the warm weather we have had recently, the weeds and nettles were about 5ft tall and access to the air raid shelter was a no-no.Access to the mortuary was only just passable but we got in and asked out questions, but with no reply on our equipment.

Headed back to the paint shops, had a cuppa, then stayed in paintshop 1 for a while.

Chris is a sensitive and picked up on several precences, including a collie type dog that was keeping "guard", a tall bald gentleman with an abusive nature and was swearing at us asking what we were doing in his workshop.

During the night, we all heard several taps, knocks etc, and even music was heard !

A visit upstairs revealed another presence and more taps.

No activity was captured on EMF meters until later on, when in the last room upstairs, my K2 went into the red sector for several seconds, which was very odd as there was no powere upstairs that could have caused it to go off.!

We stayed there till about 00.30am, then packed up all equipment,then headed off home.

Conclusin by chris's first visit is it is very active and "alive".

Following day, i reviewed the EVP's and was totaly amazed at the recordings.

The noise of my car starting and 4 doors closing were heard,so nobody else was in there. shortly after us driving away, foot steps were heard,several taps and knocks were heard then suddenly was an all mighty BANG. It sounded like wood banging wood hard.

A whistle was also heard aswell as quiet music.

Approaching paint shop 2, Chris heard the unmistakable sound of a 4 engine heavy bomber, but unfortuanatly i wasnt recording at that time.Then less than 2 minutes of entering the paint shop,chris was hit by "something" and his top lip starting bleeding for several minutes.That was very mysterious as nothing could have hit him !!.Was it paranormal ?.

Verdict : Very enjoyable night, with great company and also more activity than previous visits.More visits soon !


Friday 23-3-12 i went to WHORLTON CASTLE again to do some EVP's.

On arrival, there was some people camping at the back of the castle,but didnt pose a problem.

Several coloured pin pricks of light were seen as i set up my recorder and K2 meter.

I sat there for an hour or so nice and quiet, and at one point my right ear seemed to get very warm as if someone was wispering into my ear.

When i played recordings back on computer, at the point my ear got warm, a whisper is heard saying "sorrow" or "sorry"... RESULT!

Several other voices / whispers were also cought on recorder.

VERDICT : Whorlton Castle isnt as active as other paranormal groups make out, but GREAT place to visit for EVP's!p1040977.jpg


On Jan 28th we are going to The Four crosses Inn, Cannock and it is reported to be very active indeed!

We arrived at THE FOUR CROSSES around 5pm, went inside to meet Tony the landlord.The other team members from SPOOKY BRITAIN arrived about  545pm then the rest from S.P.I.T. came about 9pm.

We had a drink, and chat, then started to unpack our equipment about 10pm.The pub was still very busy at this time which made it a bit tricky !

Starting off in the cellar, we carefully climbed down some narrow stone steps into the cellar and banged heads on very low ceilings.An OUIJA board was already set up for us to use !

I started my voice recorder , but decided it was still too noisy upstairs so turned it off again.Dawn,Bri,Suzie,Keith and myself tried ouija but no responce at all.After 20 mins, we went back upstairs, then up more stairs to where the bedrooms were.

Tony said room 4 was the most active so i set laptop and infra red cctv up in there - laptop wouldnt recognise the hard drive so i couldnt get any recordings !!

We all went walk-abouts with K2 and voice recorder and 1 room in particular had great EMF results. Calling for spirits, it flashed into the red, so a bit of digging and came with a name of EMILY,a young girl.The EMF's were good all night.p1050380.jpg

Apart from the EMF's, we didnt catch much activity and NO EVP's , wich we were all sad about considering the pub is 16th century.

All in all, a good night was had and a laugh at the same time..........

Unfortunatly, the pub ceases trading end of feb 2012 so future investigations may not be possible unless another tennant takes over the running of the pub.-- HOPE SO , because we would certainly return there.Staying the night like we did isnt recommended unless you are not fussed about condition of the beds , facillity's etc.


A couple of weeks ago , we discovered WHORLTON CASTLE, SWAINBY.  I did a bit of research on it, and they reckon its haunted. Its an 11century castle and is now almost totally ruined now, all that is left is 4 walls and 2 underground vaults.

we went to look at it and took our equipment with us just in case.....

On arriving there we had to open a cullis type gate wich isnt locked and inside the "guardhouse" is merely GRASS, nothing else !!

I got out the K2 meter and voice recorder and as i was walking around, dawn was getting the "feel" for the place whilst holding the K2.

Nothing happened for the first 20 mins, but suddenly it got cold(er) and the K2 went straight into the red.We both called out but got no responces.

Several photos were taken but nothing came out on film.After an hour we called it a day, packed up and went to a derelict GRAVE YARD a few hundred yards down the road.Dawn was drawn to a particular gravestone, and headed straight for it..with K2 in hand.Upon reaching this stone, the K2 went in to the red and stayed there...didnt flicker, so must of been massive EMF's present !!

When we got home, i downloaded my EVP's and played them back with headphones on.... i was AMAZED at things we cought but not heard at the time !

Some noises il describe as.... squeeky wheel , womans voice saying "yea" , a door bolt slamming shut loud , a few moans , a husky voice saing "yes" and a mans voice saying "i dont want to play".    The voices occured after us calling out, and were in direct responce to questions we asked.

It is a very cold place as it has no roof and feels ok... but activity there has made us return again and again....

Our next venture there will be with RYDALE GHOST HUNTERS on feb 25th 2012. Hopefully we will get MORE !


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