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April 11 2015 we headed off to 30 East Drive in pontefract for an investigation with SPIRIT FINDERS UK.

we arrived about 7.30pm and was met by Lee and Ryan who showed us around the house.This is a private house that apparently had severe poltageist activity and haunted by the "black monk".

On entering the house , it immedietly felt homely and welcoming.... until we went to top of stairs then the atmosphere changed to very oppressive and breathing became difficult. Not a nice area.

All of us did a seance in the living room then had a silent spell for around 20 mins to listen for any unusual noises.

Nothing was heard all night.

I spent the night with digital voice recorder doing EVP but after 12hrs, nothing was captured which was very unfortunate.The team had cctv cameras in 4 rooms, and Lee was monitoring the cameras. Several orbs (not dust) were seen in 1 bedroom, which i spent an hour in towards the end of the investigation to do EVP.

However, after being awake for nearly 24hrs i was tired and didnt realise  i nodded off !!!... NEVER FALL ASLEEP ON INVESTIGATIONS when team members like a prank !.        Prank video is in the video gallery page.

Imag0055Despite being very quiet all night, it was still an enjoyable investigation and worth a second visit.

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