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June 30th 2013 we wnt to Chillingham castle, just for a quiet weekend away, not intending to do any investigating, however, the temptation was too great so i took a few bit of equipment.

2x digi voice recorders for EVP work , camera and K2 meter...just incase !

On arrival at Chillingham,we were greeted by the housekeeper,who then showed us to our appartment within the castle itself.

The time by now has just turned 5pm and the castle was now closed to visitors, but residents could still wander round and had nearly full access to the castle and grounds.

We had also booked a "ghost tour" which started at 9pm.

Before leaving bed room, i left a voice recorder running to capture EVP (hopefully).

The grounds of Chillingham castle are very atmospheric, and the "haunted" woods are VERY creepy indeed.

Apparently St.Peters church nearby is reputed to be haunted aswell, so we had a good look around it, and the gravestones.

Time for another cuppa in the tea rooms before we did the tour.!

whilst having my coffee, i witnessed with my eyes a lovely gold orb flutter infront of me, then glided towards my arm and dissapeared into my arm - i actually felt it enter my arm.

.......the tour,

Jim was our tour guide and he took us around the entire castle (apart from living quarters) and told us of the ghostly sightings etc that had been witnessed over the years and was a very good tour that lasted about 2 hours.Tour finnished at 11pm with a visit to the haunted woods and the 3 hanging trees.

Been along day and very warm aswell, so we headed off to our room for a chill then bed.

A small cupboard above the bathroom door was witnessed several times to open on its own, but soon de-bunked it as a draft coming from bedrooom.

188 photos taken and only a couple of obs, but nothing paranormal except 1 that had a white blurred smudge in middle of photo even though rest of photo was in total focus. - strange and have no explanation!

Next morning we packed up and headed home....via Holy Island,bambrough and seahouses for fish 'n' chips.

Reviewing EVP's on computer, i captured some odd and loud bangs etc, one sounded like something hitting toilet bowl, a couple of "footsteps" and some very faint talking.The video clip of EVP's captured here are in the video section of this site.

A re-visit will certainly be on the cards soon.Highly recommended place to visit wether into paranormal or not.





















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