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396492-10150501858157309-723397308-8971500-1356827572-n-1.jpg26th November we stopped off at Tholthorpe, and met up with Suzie and Keith from Spooky Britain, to investigate the site. During WW2 it was a canadian air base, and ive personally witnessed many things like footsteps, rolls of tape rolling towards me, taps, smells etc.

We started off with a walk round and the wind started getting up wich made it difficult to pick up other noises etc.

I set up my infra red cctv in 1 workshop and EVP recorder in other workshop then went down road to the old mortuary.

There is an old air raid shelter near it so i went to investigate...and found it !!

We all piled in and did some calling out, with K2's at hand and a voice recorder. After 20 mins, nothing happened so we came out and went back to the workshops.

Was very quiet activity wise until about 1145pm ,when K2's were going mad and into the red sector.We all called out questions etc, and got replies in the form of lights flashing in responce.Was a very enjoyable night despite the wind rattling the garages ,we did get something on cameras and EVP.

While in the air raid shelter, we all heard NOTHING...hence not staying there, however, on playing the EVP back at home, i heard a girls voice either whailing for help..or maybe an air raid siren type noise. Hard to tell at moment.

Still got loads of footage to look through yet, and anything else to report will be posted ASAP !



We booked the station hotel because it was haunted. when we arrived and checked in, the reception gave us room 202 and said we cant have 214 due to a paranormal investigation group there that weekend.

Not impressed with it. they charged £71 for 1 night, and evening meal was goingto be 2hrs to arrive so we went into town instead.

Any how, Ghosts are ment to be rife at this hotel, but we didnt feel or see anything worth commenting i wont !.

I think that LIVING TV'S MOST HAUNTED has glamourised it too much.


After visiting BODMIN JAIL, we had a slow drive to Torquay for a look around before travelling to our next hotel - THE OLD CHURCH HOUSE.OLD CHURCH HOUSE HOTEL.

We checked in and got our haunted room... room 12. I just opened the case to get our infra red camera out and set up, and saw a black shadow run across the wall towards the door, then the wall lights flickered a few times.None of this was captured on camera as it happened 5 mins after getting into room !.

Evp recorder was set up and left on the fire place, and strange "dull thud" type taps were heard in the ceiling-but floor vibrated at same time and in rythem to taps!.

The tapping noises were heard most of the night, on and off then finnaly stopped about 10pm.

While we were watching TV, i heard a quite loud and very clear "dragging" sound from the bathroom entrance.sounded like a box being dragged along!

This should have been recorded. Once ive analyzed it all, il post the recordings on here.Verdict-AWESOME hotel and need to return there soon!


p1030739.jpgNovember 23rd , we left Jamaica inn, and travelled to Bodmin jail for a "look around".

First impressions were "wow", amazing building.

After paying our "oap" admission charges, we went walking about all the jail cells.

Got some nice orbs, not many, but the ones we got were impressive to say the least!

We were naughty, and walked round the back of the jail, and managed to get inside the naval section.No roof over it but can see where the floors were.

I took photos in all the cells and got orbs.Dawn picked up a voice saying "get out" and i got a good orb in the same cell.

Dont think its as paranormaly active as its made out to be, but we didnt do a FULL investigation this time, but will do at another time.

would love to go back there again ... if it wasnt so far away !.



imag7110-2.jpgOn November 21st, me and dawn went to the Jamaica inn, cornwall for 2 nights out.

The day we arrived, we checked in, and after a while, we managed to get a haunted 6!.

I set up the infra red camera and evp recorder, then whent for something to eat.

On return, i checked the footage. Got some orbs and that was it !.

trigger objects were set up aswell, a crosswas left on table, and had moved a tiny amount, but not enough to say its paranormal.

Next day,set camera recording then whent out for the day.Footage hasnt yet been checked for that day, but will post back when i do.


Schooner Hotel

p1030095.jpgDawn and i went to the Schooner Hotel, alnmouth, yesterday with a couple from harrogate paranormal.We had booked room 28,29,30, because of the supposed paranormal activity in these rooms.

That morning ian and sue rang me to say that the decorators were doing out 28,29,39 , so we couldnt sleep in them.NOT HAPPY!!.

After alot of nagging and complaining, they rushed to finnish off the rooms for us and we got to stay in room 29. Ian and Sue form Harrogate Paranomal got room 28.

After we had a bite to eat and a beer, we went up stairs to set up our cameras etc, then met up to have a walk about the hotel.

the manager gave us alot of access to various parts of hotel because it was quiet and not alot of guests staying there.

The first thing we noticed was the walls and floor of the corridors were emitting massive amounts of EMF's and thus made our K2 metres go mad and into the red !!

W espent a few hours going into several bedrooms and store cupboards, and there was NO ACTIVITY to be found...however, something did touch my head and a few cold spots, but the cold spots could easily be down to the age of building and lack of insulation!!.

At one point i saw ( i thought i saw !) a broard black diagonal line go past my left hand side.. i only nticed this because it passed the white door frame.

Apart from this, the schooner hotel was VERY quiet indeed, and felt dissapointed in a way - but then again, ghosts dont come out on  demand,  we have to take the chance of meeting spirits and being in the right place at the right time !!

Tommorow,Monday 21st, we are off to jamaica inn,cornwall. hopefully a bit more active!.  Report to follow !


Thanks for reading.

Trevor Tye.


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