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kjNovember 16th saw us going to Haggerston Castle to investigate for paranormal activity.

Our team consisted of Me , Dawn, Andy , Jo , Jay , Chris Huff, chris and Mark from London  and paul.

On arrival at 7pm, we met with Rae Huntley,the "man in charge", and he showed us the "hot spots" for activity.

The rotunda , the stables area/courtyard , gardens/summerhouse area, amusement arcade area and the lakeside area.

We invited about 80 caravan owners to join us, but that figure rose to about 130 which we thought was too many, but after splitting our team and guests into 4 groups, we managed...was a struggle, but we managed and things went ok !.

I was with Chris Huff and started in the gardens and summerhouse. Chris had good responses on his EMF metre, but i got nothing at all.

We swapped areas, and at one point i started picking up on a few things in the garden, and Chris did aswell.

The ghost of a small child is said to rome this area,along with the amusement area.Keeping in contact with our walkie talkies so we all knew what we were doing, we had a break then all groups swapped over.

Amusement area was very intresting, as several people felt cold spots in area that were reputed to be haunted.No explanation could be found as there wasnt any draughts,windows etc to cause cold spots.

The rotunda didnt bring any activity that night...except 130 people rushing forthe kettle !

just above the Rotunda, is a room where internet and pool tables are accessible.In one spot in that room, next to a stone pillar, is a vortex and if stood still in it, really can feel self swaying to a point of falling over - but unable to fall over, as if a force is preventing you from doing so.A very VERY strange sensation, and unexplainable.

Down by the lakeside, Chris and Mark picked up on a girl and a woman in the lake itself, as if stood on end of a pier. Reports and plans actually show the lake DID have a long pier , so maybe this lady was stood on it ?

Stable area proved VERY active indeed,with lots of K2 activity, odd noises and smells appearing then dissapearing.Two of my group were touched in a horse cubicle. I can vouch that nobody was near them and were well away from walls etc.I was watching them so i know they didnt touch each other.

Shortly after that one woman felt her hair being touched, so i stood next to her with my ULTRA-VIOLET torch shining on her hair, and i could clearly see it moving back and forth.I also felt ice cold blast on my neck aswell.

After alot of debating with security over health and safety, we got down into the cellar area.Equipped with NIGHT VISION GOGGLES, i stood in corner of cellar and just observed other people.I was watching a woman in doorway and saw an orb pass from wall to wall,Then soon after an orb came from top of doorway ,swirled round and passed through the woman. She felt it and leapt out of the way.

Unfortunatly we didnt have time to set up our cctv in the LIVE LOUNGE due to it being occupied 'till after 11pm,However alot of photos were taken but nothing was captured.

We performed a seance on the stage in the area where a piano is alleged to have been pushed off by an invisible force and injure a child a few years ago.

The stage had a horrible "feel" to it, and seemed to have alot of energy there.

Some people were calling out and with a toy ball, were asking a child to play with it. The ball moved twice, but cannot prove it was paranormal, but i suspect it was.

Also, a couple of guests were having trouble with their mobile phones switching back on by them selves...several times, and camera batteries draing of power even though fully charged.



We all decided to call it a night at 3am as quite alot of guests had drifted off to their caravans etc due to lack of activity in most areas.But like i allways tell people on hunts, GHOSTS DO NOT COME OUT ON DEMAND  and are not performing monkeys. Being in the right place at the right time plays a BIg part in any ghost hunt.

Despite there being too many guests, and a few drunken guests, it started off a bit bad, but became right shortly after and ended up being a good night.

Overall verdict of HAGGERSTON CASTLE : Yes it is haunted, and most areas are active, and a very intresting place to visit at night !!



These phots were taken at Haggeston. !st photo is andy in the summerhouse with a group. 2nd photo is one a guest took of a derelict building near the gardens. Closer inspection seems to show a figure?.  3rd phot is cropped and enhanced version of the "figure".


























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