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  • On Sunday, november 27, 2011
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After visiting BODMIN JAIL, we had a slow drive to Torquay for a look around before travelling to our next hotel - THE OLD CHURCH HOUSE.OLD CHURCH HOUSE HOTEL.

We checked in and got our haunted room... room 12. I just opened the case to get our infra red camera out and set up, and saw a black shadow run across the wall towards the door, then the wall lights flickered a few times.None of this was captured on camera as it happened 5 mins after getting into room !.

Evp recorder was set up and left on the fire place, and strange "dull thud" type taps were heard in the ceiling-but floor vibrated at same time and in rythem to taps!.

The tapping noises were heard most of the night, on and off then finnaly stopped about 10pm.

While we were watching TV, i heard a quite loud and very clear "dragging" sound from the bathroom entrance.sounded like a box being dragged along!

This should have been recorded. Once ive analyzed it all, il post the recordings on here.Verdict-AWESOME hotel and need to return there soon!

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