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  • On Saturday, may 16, 2015
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Queensway underground station, London, has not been investigated by us (YET ! ).

A friend of mine is a coach driver that popped into the underground to use toilets.While down there he felt uneasy , as if being followed so he took a photo with his camera phone.

The photo clearly shows a slightly blurred/hazy shape of a figure just in front of camera.

Reasearching activity at Queensway shows it IS haunted by a man waiting for a train. Several suicides have also taken place there...  Maybe, its a suicide victim ...who knows ?

Photo on left is origonal copy, photo on right is enhanced with blue tint to make clearer.

CREDIT TO CRAIG COOPER FOR THIS PHOTO - THANK YOU,1454835 10152933140273877 3220967398879792700 nUnderground spirit queensway edit

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