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  • On Sunday, november 20, 2011
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p1030095.jpgDawn and i went to the Schooner Hotel, alnmouth, yesterday with a couple from harrogate paranormal.We had booked room 28,29,30, because of the supposed paranormal activity in these rooms.

That morning ian and sue rang me to say that the decorators were doing out 28,29,39 , so we couldnt sleep in them.NOT HAPPY!!.

After alot of nagging and complaining, they rushed to finnish off the rooms for us and we got to stay in room 29. Ian and Sue form Harrogate Paranomal got room 28.

After we had a bite to eat and a beer, we went up stairs to set up our cameras etc, then met up to have a walk about the hotel.

the manager gave us alot of access to various parts of hotel because it was quiet and not alot of guests staying there.

The first thing we noticed was the walls and floor of the corridors were emitting massive amounts of EMF's and thus made our K2 metres go mad and into the red !!

W espent a few hours going into several bedrooms and store cupboards, and there was NO ACTIVITY to be found...however, something did touch my head and a few cold spots, but the cold spots could easily be down to the age of building and lack of insulation!!.

At one point i saw ( i thought i saw !) a broard black diagonal line go past my left hand side.. i only nticed this because it passed the white door frame.

Apart from this, the schooner hotel was VERY quiet indeed, and felt dissapointed in a way - but then again, ghosts dont come out on  demand,  we have to take the chance of meeting spirits and being in the right place at the right time !!

Tommorow,Monday 21st, we are off to jamaica inn,cornwall. hopefully a bit more active!.  Report to follow !


Thanks for reading.

Trevor Tye.


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