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  • On Saturday, december 21, 2013
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A long awaited visit to Spofforth castle,near Wetherby , proved VERY intresting indeed.

I visited the castle on my own to check it out for access and was very pleased that it was fairly open access.On entering the castle, the gateway entrance seemed gloomy, but not to the extent of it being haunted.

As i walked into the first room, taking photos and with K2 in hand, everything seemed fine and quite pleasant !

In the corner of the first room is a tall tower with a domed roof and i was drawn to that tower for ages but dont know why.

The second room is very similar to the first room except it looks like an arched doorway had been bricked up at the same time as building the castle (i.e. not modern brick work), and as i stood looking at it, i thought   " wonder if any bodies behind there ". Silly thought, but a possibility  !!

The temperature there was about 10c with zero wind or draughts. I squatted down against a wall (the bricked up arched wall) and was sat totally motionless staring at the opposite wall , with my digital voice recorder running while asking out for spirits.

Suddenly , there was a lovely "sky blue" streak flash down the wall i was staring at....and stopped a couple of feet off the floor then vanished.

Thinking how strange, i could not debunk it.

Still asking questions at spirits, i didnt hear anything at all but when i asked if any " bodies bricked up " (just for a childish giggle ), my right ear whent warm.

Several hours had passed with very little in the way of activity happening so i decided to pack up and head home.

The next day i played back the recordings on my computer and  when i got to the point i asked for "bricked up bodies" , i was very shocked to hear a womans voice,very clear, whisper "behind you". I was very shocked to say the least, to say i was leaning against the bricked up wall,thinking of bodies bricked up and my ear getting warm as soon as i asked the question.

More visits are in the pipeline, and hopefully some more evidence to share.

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