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  • On Tuesday, january 17, 2012
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On Jan 28th we are going to The Four crosses Inn, Cannock and it is reported to be very active indeed!

We arrived at THE FOUR CROSSES around 5pm, went inside to meet Tony the landlord.The other team members from SPOOKY BRITAIN arrived about  545pm then the rest from S.P.I.T. came about 9pm.

We had a drink, and chat, then started to unpack our equipment about 10pm.The pub was still very busy at this time which made it a bit tricky !

Starting off in the cellar, we carefully climbed down some narrow stone steps into the cellar and banged heads on very low ceilings.An OUIJA board was already set up for us to use !

I started my voice recorder , but decided it was still too noisy upstairs so turned it off again.Dawn,Bri,Suzie,Keith and myself tried ouija but no responce at all.After 20 mins, we went back upstairs, then up more stairs to where the bedrooms were.

Tony said room 4 was the most active so i set laptop and infra red cctv up in there - laptop wouldnt recognise the hard drive so i couldnt get any recordings !!

We all went walk-abouts with K2 and voice recorder and 1 room in particular had great EMF results. Calling for spirits, it flashed into the red, so a bit of digging and came with a name of EMILY,a young girl.The EMF's were good all night.p1050380.jpg

Apart from the EMF's, we didnt catch much activity and NO EVP's , wich we were all sad about considering the pub is 16th century.

All in all, a good night was had and a laugh at the same time..........

Unfortunatly, the pub ceases trading end of feb 2012 so future investigations may not be possible unless another tennant takes over the running of the pub.-- HOPE SO , because we would certainly return there.Staying the night like we did isnt recommended unless you are not fussed about condition of the beds , facillity's etc.

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