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Saturday 11th August we visited Tholthorpe again, this time we had Christopher Huff with us. He is a paranormal investigator,archeologist and author !

After a walk round the site and showed him the areas of activity, we then set up our cameras and voice recorders in paint shop 1, then drove down to the mortuary and air raid shelter.

Due to the warm weather we have had recently, the weeds and nettles were about 5ft tall and access to the air raid shelter was a no-no.Access to the mortuary was only just passable but we got in and asked out questions, but with no reply on our equipment.

Headed back to the paint shops, had a cuppa, then stayed in paintshop 1 for a while.

Chris is a sensitive and picked up on several precences, including a collie type dog that was keeping "guard", a tall bald gentleman with an abusive nature and was swearing at us asking what we were doing in his workshop.

During the night, we all heard several taps, knocks etc, and even music was heard !

A visit upstairs revealed another presence and more taps.

No activity was captured on EMF meters until later on, when in the last room upstairs, my K2 went into the red sector for several seconds, which was very odd as there was no powere upstairs that could have caused it to go off.!

We stayed there till about 00.30am, then packed up all equipment,then headed off home.

Conclusin by chris's first visit is it is very active and "alive".

Following day, i reviewed the EVP's and was totaly amazed at the recordings.

The noise of my car starting and 4 doors closing were heard,so nobody else was in there. shortly after us driving away, foot steps were heard,several taps and knocks were heard then suddenly was an all mighty BANG. It sounded like wood banging wood hard.

A whistle was also heard aswell as quiet music.

Approaching paint shop 2, Chris heard the unmistakable sound of a 4 engine heavy bomber, but unfortuanatly i wasnt recording at that time.Then less than 2 minutes of entering the paint shop,chris was hit by "something" and his top lip starting bleeding for several minutes.That was very mysterious as nothing could have hit him !!.Was it paranormal ?.

Verdict : Very enjoyable night, with great company and also more activity than previous visits.More visits soon !

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