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396492-10150501858157309-723397308-8971500-1356827572-n-1.jpg26th November we stopped off at Tholthorpe, and met up with Suzie and Keith from Spooky Britain, to investigate the site. During WW2 it was a canadian air base, and ive personally witnessed many things like footsteps, rolls of tape rolling towards me, taps, smells etc.

We started off with a walk round and the wind started getting up wich made it difficult to pick up other noises etc.

I set up my infra red cctv in 1 workshop and EVP recorder in other workshop then went down road to the old mortuary.

There is an old air raid shelter near it so i went to investigate...and found it !!

We all piled in and did some calling out, with K2's at hand and a voice recorder. After 20 mins, nothing happened so we came out and went back to the workshops.

Was very quiet activity wise until about 1145pm ,when K2's were going mad and into the red sector.We all called out questions etc, and got replies in the form of lights flashing in responce.Was a very enjoyable night despite the wind rattling the garages ,we did get something on cameras and EVP.

While in the air raid shelter, we all heard NOTHING...hence not staying there, however, on playing the EVP back at home, i heard a girls voice either whailing for help..or maybe an air raid siren type noise. Hard to tell at moment.

Still got loads of footage to look through yet, and anything else to report will be posted ASAP !


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1. Chris Sunday, august 05, 2012

Hello from just slightly North of you in County Durham.

Glad to see that someone is looking at former RAF Tholthorpe.

Got interested in things RAF and paranormal way back in the mid 70s when my father would take me round former and deserted airfields (he was ex RAF).

Then had some experiences of my own whilst in the ATC on airfields.

Currently writing a set of 3 volumes on the topic - with 260+ airfields in the UK so far uncovered as having paranormal activity from small things like breezes, coldness and feelings of being watched to others where apparitions of men and aircraft have been witnessed.

Interesting to read about the proposed connection between flashing lights and questions.

would love to hear more about your visit(s) to Tholthorpe....and hear the EVPs

are you still investigating there ??


2. Trevor Sunday, august 05, 2012

Hi Chris, thanks for the comment.
I actually work on the site, its a coach operator,aswell as other units on site.
The HEY evp i got was in one of the garages that were used as maintainence hangers during ww2, but now used as a commercial bodyshop/paintshop.
Im allways investigating...everytime i go to work !.The air raid shelter is down the bottom of the lane and is in the middle of a field, away from anybody...anything...and away from traffic, so all noises i have cought in there WERE NOT heard at the time of us being in there.I have cought some intresting full and partial apparitions on site ,and paranormal activity seems endless.

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