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Friday 23-3-12 i went to WHORLTON CASTLE again to do some EVP's.

On arrival, there was some people camping at the back of the castle,but didnt pose a problem.

Several coloured pin pricks of light were seen as i set up my recorder and K2 meter.

I sat there for an hour or so nice and quiet, and at one point my right ear seemed to get very warm as if someone was wispering into my ear.

When i played recordings back on computer, at the point my ear got warm, a whisper is heard saying "sorrow" or "sorry"... RESULT!

Several other voices / whispers were also cought on recorder.

VERDICT : Whorlton Castle isnt as active as other paranormal groups make out, but GREAT place to visit for EVP's!p1040977.jpg

Comments (5)

1. Chris Sunday, august 05, 2012

Not as active as other groups allege.

I have to agree with this, have visited the place a couple of times in recent years both times late afternoon through to the early hours and it was just a ruin. There was nothing much going on at all and certainly not all the hype that others have claimed for it. There are certainly more haunted locations in the area, it seems to be the expectation of ruined castle equals ghostly happenings that makes most want to try to investigate there.

A few drunks was the most excitement (concern anyway) that I uncovered.

I never tried EVP there so this seems to have been a success for you.


2. trevor Sunday, august 05, 2012

Hi chris, Whorlton castle is a ruin and a den for drunks etc. Had k2 activity twice, but nearly every time i do EVP's i get results.

3. jack place Wednesday, november 21, 2012

Been there many times, though the day and night, as i live in osmotherley not far away, but never gone in on the night, too scared. I intend to pluck the courage up and do some evp recordings. Can i just use a normal voice recorder or does it have to be a speical type

trevor tye

trevor tye On Wednesday, november 21, 2012

Hi Jack. We only use normal digital voice recorders,with USB to download recordings...nothing special,flash or sophisticated. I got 5 recorders, and the best i got is an olympus DS-40 with stereo mic attachment.The old fashioned TAPE recorders work just as well...but a pain in playback !!. Whorlton castle is an awesome place to sit at night to capture EVP's, providing its not raining or too cold.Late night is best because of less traffic on the a172. I pop across there evry now and again.

trevor tye

trevor tye On Thursday, february 28, 2013

hi jack, did you manage to visit whorlton and do some evp recordings ?

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