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A couple of weeks ago , we discovered WHORLTON CASTLE, SWAINBY.  I did a bit of research on it, and they reckon its haunted. Its an 11century castle and is now almost totally ruined now, all that is left is 4 walls and 2 underground vaults.

we went to look at it and took our equipment with us just in case.....

On arriving there we had to open a cullis type gate wich isnt locked and inside the "guardhouse" is merely GRASS, nothing else !!

I got out the K2 meter and voice recorder and as i was walking around, dawn was getting the "feel" for the place whilst holding the K2.

Nothing happened for the first 20 mins, but suddenly it got cold(er) and the K2 went straight into the red.We both called out but got no responces.

Several photos were taken but nothing came out on film.After an hour we called it a day, packed up and went to a derelict GRAVE YARD a few hundred yards down the road.Dawn was drawn to a particular gravestone, and headed straight for it..with K2 in hand.Upon reaching this stone, the K2 went in to the red and stayed there...didnt flicker, so must of been massive EMF's present !!

When we got home, i downloaded my EVP's and played them back with headphones on.... i was AMAZED at things we cought but not heard at the time !

Some noises il describe as.... squeeky wheel , womans voice saying "yea" , a door bolt slamming shut loud , a few moans , a husky voice saing "yes" and a mans voice saying "i dont want to play".    The voices occured after us calling out, and were in direct responce to questions we asked.

It is a very cold place as it has no roof and feels ok... but activity there has made us return again and again....

Our next venture there will be with RYDALE GHOST HUNTERS on feb 25th 2012. Hopefully we will get MORE !


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