The equipment we use was never designed for paranormal investigations, however, we do get fantastic results using them !

We use :-DIGITAL CAMERA to capture images of course. 16mp resoloution is good with flash.

             p1040555.jpg  DIGITAL THERMOMETER with a red laser to pin point what we aim it at.Great for finding "cold" spots which occur when spirits are around.

               HEARING ENHANCERS do exactly as it says on the tin, and enhances what you are listening to by a massive 50db.Anything you hear will be personal to you, because nobody else will hear it !!p1040562.jpg

               K2 METER is designed for locating ELECTRO MAGNETIC FIELDS, and since spirits absorb and emitt EMF's, its great for detecting them.Had some fantastic results with this.

               DIGITAL VOICE RECORDER used for EVP recording.These are great for picking up noises that our ears dont pick up.Strange and unexplained noises and voices have been heard and recorded using this. GREAT!

               BARRIER ALARMS set across doorways, or anywhere realy, and once set  will sound a very loud alarm if anything passes between them.

               OUIJA BOARD (spirit board) is a good way to communicate with spirits PROVIDING it is used CORRECTLY.!

Bad results can happen if not used properly, so we tend not to use it alot.Although, GREAT results also happen!

               SMALL WOODEN TABLE with a clear glass for table tipping experiments and glass divination.

               INFRA RED CCTV with a laptop and external hard drive. It has a huge range of around 40 metres night vision, so is ideal for most locations.

Soon to be added ,is a GHOST BOX which is basicly a DE-TUNED radio that uses white noise to capture EVP's etc. 

My latest gadget in the field of ghost hunting is a LASER GRID PEN. This positioned anywhere in a building spreads a massive grid of green dots all over, and they reckon if a spirit passes through it, it shows up SO MUCH CLEARER.Not been used yet, but will find out soon !p1040569.jpgp1040561.jpgp1040567.jpg p1050190.jpg p1040557.jpg


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