We have been on a few investigations, these include.....

Hell fire caves , Edinburgh Vaults , North East Air museum , Ordsall Hall , Tholthorpe , Schooner Hotel . 

Soon ( 19th nov 2011) we are going back to the Schooner hotel for a night. 

21st Nov we are going to Jamaica Inn,cornwall, for 2 nights...promises to be good !

23rd Nov we are going a bit further across to the Old Church House hotel,Devon, for 2 nights.Never been there before but its supposed to be VERY ACTIVE !.

25th Nov we make our way north, to Station Hotel, Dudley, for 1 night.Might even pop over to Dudley castle?

26th Nov we head for home .. stopping en-route at Tholthorpe.My place of work, an Ex-RAF airbase from WW2. 

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